Avalon rising

Avalon teaching

Welcome! You have found this page for a reason and that is you being called out by Avalon itself.  This teaching comes within two languages; English and swedish. That is so that more women can get to feel Avalon and all that it holds. 

You have, in some way and sometimes, lived a life in Avalon and you has once before, loved the land and the Goddess. That´s why she is calling out for you. It is time for you to return home. Therefor it is your responsibility to aknowledge the energy it gives you and once more, become that powerful Priestess of Avalon. 

The sacred isle of Avalon are old and you don´t only find the femenine energy here, you also find the holy energy of the grail. Even though Avalon is all about the divine feminine, so does it hold the energy of Christ. The energy that most pagans are declining, but nevertheless, are there. 

In Glastonbury England, you find the sacred land of Avalon. Where you also find the strong leylines from the Dragon, that connects the Great places on earth that withholds knowledge and power. 

This teaching is for women in all parts of the world. Women in all different places in life. Within this journey, you walk with respect and love for your sisters who walks alongside with you. What is important for you to remember, is that you do this journey for YOU, your body and soul. 

One year and a day Priestess training

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