Temple of Isis Priestess

Isis has called out to me, to bring Her priestesses home.

As we have entered the Golden age of Isis, the earth are ready to reintroduce the great energy of Isis and she calls upon Her priestesses to once more enter Her sacred temple and step into the priestess self.  Her teachings and her magick has been lost for nearly two thousand years. When Mary Magdalene walked through her teachings in the Temple of Isis. 

Mary Magdalene was not only a strong feminine power, she was also married to Yeshua and because of that, she was a threat. Men destroyed the Temple of Isis and her teachings out of fear for the power of the Divine feminine. It is now time to rebirth Her back to the earth as well as Mary Magdalene, on an etherical level.

Isis has called out to you, to once more enter the role as Her Priestess. You are born to bring Her wisdom and teachings through this Golden Age of Isis and every Priestess has Her own uniqe purpose.

You will be guided through this in three steps, three initiations of the Temple of Isis and you will recieve and activate codes directly from Isis herself.  These codes will help you to understand your uniqe purpose. You will activate and remember your role as a Priestess and beararer of the Golden lightcodes of Isis. 

You know you have been called! 

You know that you have a speciell purpose! 

Embody your inner Priestess!

1st initiation

Isis will call you to Her temple and welcome you to her fire. You will now recieve lightcodes from Isis, which is uniqe for You. Within this first step towards becoming a Prisetss of the Temple of Isis, you will activate your inner Priestess who has been slumbering for so long. You have been sent to this planet, at this time, to awaken the Golden light of Isis och become a gatekeeper of Her Temple. 

You are a lightkeeper and holds the Divine femenine within you and will release the great force that´s been waiting to be let loose. Within your body you already have the knowledge of being a priestess. You just need some help to remember that knowledge and embody the energy once more.

2nd initiation

You will now be brought to the star of Isis; Sirius.  You will be taken there to activate your universal light and cosmic consciousness. 

Sirius is awating you and will welcome you with open arms. You will recieve and activate codes from Hathor and Ossiris, the bloodlines of isis. You have now been initiated into the family of Isis just like all priestesses used to be thousands of years back.

3rd initiation

Isis will now make you a gatekeeper and a Priestess of one of Her Temple. The codes that she sends you now, holds all the information that you need to bear Her Golden light and to gard Her Temple. 

As a gatekeeper and Priestess, you will hold Her Divine feminine and learn Her magick and teachings. These will come through to you in time and the more you work with the energy of Isis, the more you will learn.

Who is this initiation for?

This initiation is fore women who are used to recieve and activate high frequency energies and are aware of her emotions and that this is a inner journey.

You are giving yourself the space to evolve spiritually and emotionally. 

How will this come through to me?

You will recieve three pre-recorded videos where you will recieve the lightcodes and initiations to the Temple of isis. This will come to you in a state of meditation and it requires a calm space for you while you recieve your activations and initiations.  You will also have access to a private facebook group, where you can share your thoughts and experiences with other priestesses. 

What will the videos contain?

Within these pre-recorded videos, you will recieve: 

- channeled teacings of the Temple of Isis 

- A 40 min. meditation where you will recieve and activate lightcodes directly from Isis and be initiated into the Temple of Isis 

- You will recieve high frequency healing to free you from karmic wounds

How will I sign up?

You sign up in the form below. 

Price and payment?

You will get 3 initiations (three pre-recorded videos of 2,5h long. Lifetime access) and access to a private facebook group for the price of 67£  93 $ 

Payment through paypal.

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